Crafting a modular web experience for an emerging consulting firm

A brand refresh and website redesign built on a modular headless CMS platform to enable business growth.

Crafting a modular web experience for an emerging consulting firm
EPIC Management Solutions
Brand Refresh, Website, CMS development

Revolutionising Business Services through Advanced Headless CMS and Intelligent Content


Sydney, Australia

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The Client

EPIC MS is a versatile consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia, which specialises in Advisory, Business Operations, and Accounting & Taxation. They create personalised consulting experiences that help businesses to leverage their strengths and seize future opportunities.

The Challenge

EPIC MS offers innovative and tailored solutions across a range of sectors, but their website was unable to capture the dynamism and flexibility of their services. With a slow, resource-draining Wordpress website, they were unable to deliver the division specific online experiences their business and clientele required.

Our objective was to transform EPIC MS's online presence into a platform as dynamic, flexible, and efficient as the services they provide. We needed to develop a site that would offer a seamless user experience, ensure fast loading times, and cater to the specific needs of the diverse range of clients.

The UX UI Process

Recognising the diverse array of advisory services that EPIC MS provides, we embarked on a comprehensive exploration of each division. We meticulously analysed the unique user experience and content needs associated with each service, identifying both shared and individual value propositions to guide our approach to UX design and content creation.

A primary focus was the development of a visually unique and clean user interface. We understood that to encapsulate the bespoke nature of EPIC MS's services, we needed an online platform that was both aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. We designed a streamlined UI with attention to both form and function, creating a distinct look and feel that sets EPIC MS apart from competitors while also ensuring a user-friendly browsing experience.

Our content strategy was guided by the distinct needs of each division, with an emphasis on clarity and relevance. We worked diligently to ensure that the website content effectively communicated EPIC MS's values and service propositions, enabling EPIC's internal team to produce content that was informative, engaging, and perfectly tailored to their target audience.

The fusion of our strategic UX design and content creation resulted in a superior website, that not only stands out in the crowded consulting sector but also resonates deeply with EPIC MS's business needs. It is a clear testament to our ability to understand and execute a client's vision to perfection, demonstrating our leadership in site UX and UI design.

Modern Architecture and Headless Content Management System

To resolve EPIC MS's challenges, we transitioned their website from the conventional Wordpress system to a cutting-edge headless solution using Storyblok as their Headless CMS and Next.js as their Front-End for instant web-page loading times. This transformation made their digital presence more agile and adaptable to the rapid changes in the business landscape.

Storyblok's visual editor was a game-changer for EPIC MS, making the content creation and management process effortless and efficient. The intuitive nature of the editor allowed the team at EPIC MS to add new pages and content in a fraction of the time it would have taken on their previous Wordpress website. The ease of content modelling and authoring ensured EPIC MS could rapidly adapt to new market trends and client needs.

Further, we incorporated intelligent and effective content modelling that enabled page authors to assign appropriate consultants to specific service pages or divisions based on their expertise.

Finally, performance optimisation was a key focus. We ensured the website now loads in sub-seconds, resulting in a dramatically enhanced user experience and a threefold increase in organic traffic.

The Result

EPIC MS's website has undergone a transformative evolution, reflecting their flexible and innovative approach to consulting. The authoring features of Storyblok, combined with the power of Next.js, resulted in a dynamic, high-performing platform with an unparalleled user experience for both customers and business users.

This has led to improved engagement rates. Meanwhile, the enhanced website performance brought a boost in organic traffic, decreased bounce rates, and improved user retention.

Quote from the Client

"Our collaboration with Futureready Experience Agency has been instrumental in bringing a digital revolution to our business. The new website not only perfectly reflects our personalised approach and service diversity but has also made content creation a breeze. Storyblok's visual editor feature have been game-changers for us, taking our service delivery to a new level. We're now able to create and modify our website content in real-time, responding to market changes faster than ever before." - Yehia Agha, CEO at EPIC MS.

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