Brand and Digital Experience for ICFAL

Delivering an ambitious and refreshed experience for a 25 year old ethical finance and investment company.

Brand and Digital Experience for ICFAL
Digital strategy, Brand Transformation and Website
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What we did

Digital strategy, Brand Transformation: Branding and Visual identify design, User Research, UX and UI design, Copywriting, Technical discovery and Solution Architecture, Web development, ongoing support and maintenance, Growth Marketing.

The Client

For the past 25 years, ICFAL has been helping Muslim Australian households with ethical home financing and investments.

ICFAL had noticed a slowing down of conversions and decided to partner with Futurereadyx to address the challenge and come up with a digital strategy to provide better experiences for its customers and strengthen its online presence.

Research and Discovery Done Seriously Well

Futurereadyx carried out deep research and discovery process that spanned over 2 months to understand and dig deeper into the problems and challenges ICFAL faced from a brand and digital experience point of view. Research methods included customer interviews to better understand why and how people were interacting with ICFAL, information architecture audit & analysis, and heatmap analysis to name a few.

Digital Strategy defined and guided by data and insights

Through first-hand customer research data and insights, we defined and created targeted customer personas, conducted empathy mapping to visualise key areas of challenges and customer pain points to guide our information architecture planning.

During this stage, we identified the changing demographics of ICFAL’s customer base and gathered key signals for ICFAL to undergo a brand strategy transformation to communicate the uniqueness of ICFAL to attract more customers and further strengthen its brand.

A brand strategy to address changing customer demographics

Once we got ICFAL’s key stakeholders on-board to undergo a brand transformation, we started our branding process by auditing ICFAL’s messaging, visual assets and social listening to guide our brand strategy.

Since ICFAL has been established since 1998 and people were already familiar with their logo mark, we chose to retain the existing concept and develop on it to maintain the already built trust and recognition.

The logo mark and the colour system were reimagined and incorporated ICFAL’s core values; Faith, Trust, Community & Sustainability. We ensured that the branding can be consistently applied to different applications for both digital and physical assets.

We introduced strategic messaging and brand voice style guide to differentiate & bring consistency to capture the desired attention of the targeted demographics. We also introduced and incorporated a new tagline that ICFAL and its members live by; ’Live Ethical, Live Rewarded’.

ICFAL’s website UX

From the reviewed web analytics and heatmap analysis data, we designed user flows and navigation, content strategy to create the new website and address key metrics such as bounce rates, exit rates, sessions per visit etc.

High importance was paid to designing complex finance and investment applications that was the core business engine of ICFAL. All the application processes were reimagined and incorporated Service Design to map out changes for both front-end and back of office.

We ideated, prototyped and designed over 500+ screens and UX validation was at the core of the process to ensure dynamic and relevant website user experience for ICFAL’s customers.

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